Sunday, April 23, 2017

Comprometida (Engaged)

Many of you probably heard the news, but while I was in the States for Spring Break, I got engaged! I am extremely grateful to God for bringing my fiance Chris into my life in His perfect timing and His perfect ways. I wanted to share a little bit of our story here.

When I first came to Honduras a little over two and a half years ago, one of the things I began praying was that the Lord would guard my heart. I had just graduated college and I wanted to be singularly focused going into this ministry. I wanted to grow even deeper in my relationship with God and follow the plan He had for my future, whether that included marriage or not. I have always wanted to be a wife, but I wanted it to be with the person I knew God had for me. So this was my prayer. The Lord still knew the desires of my heart, and I would still pray for the Lord to bring me to the one He had for me when the time was right, but I also prayed that the Lord would be my husband (Isaiah 54:5) and be all that I needed in my life. 

This prayer became even more fervent when I found out I had three weddings to be a part of in the summer of 2016. I didn't want my heart to get caught up in the fact that everyone around me was getting married, and I was still single. That summer I made it through my brother's wedding, and my friend Rebecca's wedding without incident. The final wedding of the summer was for my best friend Kimberly. I will spare you most of the details, but the day before the wedding I first laid eyes on Chris as he was running around her front yard with Wesley's (Kim's soon-to-be-husband) kids. From then on my eyes were drawn to him. If you know me, you know how shy I can be around people I don't know well. This was no different, and although Chris (who is also a little shy) made a few attempts to talk to me over the weekend, I didn't make it easy. 

After wedding weekend was over, I got together with my newly-married friend, and that's when it all came out that not only was I interested in Chris, but he had been talking about me to Wesley (who happened to be one of his best friends). Being the great friend that she is, Kim invited us both to her birthday dinner (just 3 days after the wedding) to hang out and see how it went. We actually did talk that night, and I shared with him all about Honduras. After leaving that night, I put it all in the Lord's hands. He knew where I was and what I was doing here, and I wasn't sure that he would want to "take that on." But he was still on my mind.

The next week was July 4th. I went on vacation with my family, he went on vacation with Kim, Wesley, and the kids. While there, he got my number from Kim, we started talking, he asked to take me on an "actual date" when we were both back in town. I reminded him that I lived 10 months out of the year in another country, but that didn't scare him away. We went on our first date July 10th, and we were pretty inseparable the rest of the summer.

After a couple of weeks, I still felt unsure that he really knew what he was getting himself into. My tendency to worry started to take over, and I feared that once the summer was over and I was back in Honduras, his interest would fade, even though he assured me it wouldn't. After three different confirmations from the Lord about stepping out of my fear and trusting what He was doing, we "officially" entered into a relationship on July 29th. I came back to Honduras to start my 3rd year of teaching, and he has been nothing but supportive since. 

I can't tell you when exactly I knew that he was the one I would marry. Maybe I sort of always knew. I just trusted the fact that the Lord had been answering my prayers by guarding my heart until I met him, and that he was the one the Lord had for me. So of course on April 11th in the middle of our hike though FDR State Park, when he asked me to marry him I said yes!

Since then, I have gotten a few questions about our plans for the future. I already knew I would be returning to Honduras for another school year, and that has not changed. 2017-2018 will be my last year here at Destino del Reino. I will also still be completing my masters online, starting in just a few weeks actually, and finishing up the week before we get married! After that, I will (hopefully!) get employed in a school system stateside, devote myself to being a Godly wife and serving my husband, and see what other doors of ministry God opens up for me! I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life, although at the same time I know I will miss this chapter terribly. Would you be praying for us as we prepare to become one, and start a marriage that reflects Christ and the Church? Thank you for loving us, and praying for us.