Saturday, November 19, 2016


I haven't posted here much of what's been going on at school recently, so I wanted to give a little update. Year number three is definitely different from years one and two, mostly in good ways. After having been here two years, I feel like I understand more how things are supposed to go, which is a far cry from when I first came here and had no idea what to expect. Also, I'm feeling more confident in the language. I understand pretty much the whole sermon at church now, instead of just bits and pieces, and I talk more with the Honduran teachers because I don't struggle as much to find the right words or to understand what they are saying. (But trust me, there are still times of miscommunication where I feel totally dumb. God has to keep me humble somehow!)

One of the big areas I'm experiencing differences in this year is discipline. I posted briefly last year about some discipline problems here. My previous classes have of course had some discipline problems, but this year is somehow different. 11th grade is probably my favorite class (don't tell them I said that!) because after being with them the past two years they know me, and they're just a fun group of kids who (most of the time) know how to focus and work in class, and talk and joke around outside of class. I enjoy the relationship I have with them where they feel like they can talk to me. (Also don't tell them, but by having conversations with me about whatever random thing they want to talk about, they're learning English!) 10th grade is just a good group. They never argue or fight me on any assignments, but always listen and work hard without problems.

But 9th grade. This year, they have been a challenge. This group has some loud personalities, and they were starting to take over the class. And not just in my English class, but when I talked to the Honduran teachers, they said it was the same. I've had to become stricter than I've even before, which if course is not fun, but it is the only way to maintain some semblance of order in the classroom. And so of course, that led to constant complaints about how boring class is. My explanation that when I could trust them to behave, we would do fun things again fell on deaf ears. It got to the point where I dreaded going to teach that class because I knew it would just be a constant battle of me versus them, and I was allowing their negative attitudes about class affect me.

Luckily, our director stepped in, and this week we had a meeting with the moms of the two ringleaders in that class. For today at least, I saw a change when I went to class in the afternoon. I'm choosing to believe and trust God that He is working in that group of kids, and the class that graduates at the end of this year will be completely different from the class I started the year with. Because God is the only one who can change their hearts and attitudes. And I have been praying HARD for Him to do that. Soon haha.

So I'll let you know how that goes. For now, I'm looking forward to Christmas break (one month!) and seeing my family and friends again. Please pray for me this month, and specifically for the 9th grade class.

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