Sunday, March 13, 2016

Missions Day Year 2 and the Call to Missions

Last Friday was Missions Day at the school, which I explained around this time last year in a blog here:

This year, my group was representing Syria, a country that has been heavy on my heart recently with everything going on there. We shared with the students about the Civil War they have been in for five years, and the evil acts that ISIS is committing, even sharing with some of the older grades about the beheading and crucifixion of a group of missionaries there last October. And we prayed hard for this country.

Each of our rotations started with another teacher in my group sharing with the students about the life of a missionary, and she asked some of the older classes how many of them had thought about becoming a missionary. Let me just say that not very many of those 5th and 6th grade hands went up, and I can't really say I blame them. It's a scary thing to think about when you don't understand how rewarding it can be. And so I had the opportunity to share part of my testimony with these students, about how I received my call to the mission field.

Most of the testimonies I have heard of people who have been called into any type of ministry go one of two ways. Either they have always felt God's call on their life into ministry or missions and desired that for themselves as well, or they refused and ran from the call, saying, "God, I will do anything except that."

My story was different. I was never running from missions, nor was I actively pursuing it for most of my life. Before God called me to the mission field, the possibility of being a missionary never even crossed my mind. When I went on my first mission trip to Jamaica as a junior in high school, I fell in love with the experience and the work that we did, but even then the idea never came to me of actually being a missionary.

After Honduras, everything changed. God dropped this ministry right in front of my face. He called me. And who am I to refuse God's call? (I could also say, who am I to answer? But that's another post on my failings and shortcoming that God still mercifully uses for His glory.)

I shared this with the students, one of the times I can say that I have been completely obedient to God in my life. And I told them that they may not feel the call now, or may not even want to be called now, but God has a great plan, and I hoped that when/if God called them, they would be obedient and say yes to Him, no matter what that meant for the life they had pictured for themselves. Because trust me, my life is nothing like I imagined it would be at 24, but it's so much better because I know I am exactly where God wants me to be.


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