Sunday, June 7, 2015

Iglesia (Church)

Today was my last Sunday at Destino church until August.

Now that it's the end of the year, I'm pretty proud of myself. Most of the time I can keep up with the sermon pretty well, follow along in my Bible, and write down the main points.

But sometimes, I think I hear one thing, when really our Pastor has said something totally different. Which is still fine. I just take it as the Spirit speaking to me something I need to hear.

That may or may not have happened to me today, I'm really not sure. But here's what I heard: 

"You don't love God enough if you're living to please yourself."

I was taken aback at first. That sounds a little harsh. But as I think about it, there's truth in that statement. If I loved God fully, I would only live to please Him. So I don't love God enough. But does anyone? Can we ever in these human bodies get to the place where we love God "enough," the way He loves us?

I'd love to be in that place. And I'm going to continue working to get to that place. But I know I'm not there yet. I still struggle with the flesh and do things just to please myself sometimes. But I can look back on my past and see growth. I'm not in the same place now that I was. I may not love God "enough," but I love Him more now than I did, say, a two years ago. 

I am excited to be back in the States this summer with my family, and can't wait to see what the Lord continues to teach me and how He grows me there. See all of you in a week!