Sunday, May 24, 2015

An Eventful Week

What a fun time we had at school this week! The escuela had their first ever Field Day on Tuesday, so we spent the whole day playing games and handing out ribbons. Overall the day was a success, and the kids had so much fun. I think it's safe to say both the teachers and students were exhausted after the day was over!

On Thursday, the colegio had their Missions Day. Each grade researched the culture and religion of one country. My 9th grade class researched Lebanon and Islam. The research was rough (me trying to help them do research in Spanish!) but it all turned out pretty well, and I saw students step up into leadership positions I never would have expected.

In the midst of these two events, I started my oral testing with the Prepa and first graders on Wednesday, and we've had two visiting Americans with us to help us out in the school, which has been a huge blessing.

Its crazy to think we are about to enter into our last week of school, and after grades are finished and kids are graduated I will be back in the States for the summer. Time is flying! 

With all of the craziness, it's hard to remember to take time to slow down and just enjoy, but that is my goal for this last week: to not get distracted by all the tests and grades and things that need to get done, but to take time to stop and enjoy. I also feel the need to pour as much into my 9th graders as I can, as this will be the last week at Destino del Reino for some of them. I want to enjoy these last moments with them and help them to remember that even if they are not in our school anymore, there will always be people here that love them and are praying for them.

So here I go. Last week of the school year, finishing it out not with a bang, but with a breath.


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