Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Teacher, what is peace to you?"

"Teacher, what is peace to you?" 

That is the question I got from one of my sweet 9th grade girls this week. As we enter into the last couple months of the school year, it seems EVERYTHING is crazy, and peace is always just out of reach. But her question made me stop and think, "What is peace to me?" 

Peace is God guarding your heart and mind from all worry.
Peace is a quiet afternoon in the hammock with a good book.
Peace is a weekend at my grandfather's lake house.
Peace is allowing forgiveness to wash over you 
instead of holding on to bitterness.
Peace is keeping your mind focused on God, and trusting in Him, 
even in the midst of chaos.

Peace is not a feeling we can just conjure up whenever we need it, but a state we enter into through the blood of Jesus. Because of Jesus, I can have peace. 

Peace is also a Fruit of the Spirit, and one that I struggle with a little more than others. When you are a natural worrier, peace doesn't come easily (does it come easily for anyone?). Only when I make the conscious choice to allow the Holy Spirit to guard my thoughts can I truly find peace.

So I'd love to know your answers; "What is peace to you?"


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