Saturday, April 11, 2015

Día de Misiones (Missions Day)

On Friday we had a special day of school for the first through sixth graders called "Missions Day." On Thursday, the teachers spent all day (7 hours) decorating the classrooms to represent the countries we would be teaching the kids about. My group's country was Lebanon, but we also had Tibet; Libya; Chiapas, Mexico; and the Philippines.

On Friday, we all dressed in the traditional clothing of our country, and the kids rotated through each country for 40 minutes with their grade. For each group we told facts about the country, read a story of a missionary in that country, told them ways to pray for the country, gave them a traditional food item to try, a small paper flag, and they got to color a flag and map of the county. And then we started all over with the next group. Six times. It was an exhausting day, but we had fun, and I know the kids did.

The purpose of our school is to create leaders for the Kingdom who will one day go out and serve Christ as missionaries. Missions Day is just one of the ways we help the kids learn about other countries and they help they need. It is our hope that right now the kids are praying for the people of these countries, and even now are beginning to pray about where God will choose to use them when they finish school. It blows my mind to think that in six years some of these kids will be graduating and God could be sending some of them to Lebanon, a country they learned about in the sixth grade. But God has a habit of doing crazy things like that, and so we teach, and we pray that the kids are listening and will one day have the boldness to respond to God's call on their life, because I can tell you from experience, there is no greater thing.


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