Sunday, March 8, 2015

Perfume a Tus Pies (Perfume at Your Feet)

This week, one Bible story has been showing up a lot, in my devotions, my Bible reading, and even a song, and that is the story of "Jesus Anointed at Bethany," or "Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman." Basically, Jesus was having dinner in the home of a Pharisee when a woman "who had lived a sinful life" (John refers to her as Mary) comes in, cries on His feet, wipes them with her hair, and pours an expensive perfume on them. Expensive as in it cost a whole years wages. So everyone else at the party looks at this woman and only sees the waste. But Jesus validates her act of love, forgives her sins, and tells her to "go in peace."

I remember a book I read in college that referenced this story, and this woman giving up her most valuable possession for Christ, and I challenged me to think of what I would give up out of complete devotion for Jesus. In moving to Honduras, people could say I have given up a lot, and for a while, I saw it that way, too. But this story challenges me to look more positively and see not the things I have "given up," but the things I have been given in coming here. I have been given the chance to serve God using my passion for teaching like I would never be allowed to in a public school in the States. I have been given incredible and encouraging friendships with people I never would have met if I had stayed in the States. I have been given a new outlook on life, that it is not MY life, but HIS. 

The song in the title is a Spanish worship song, and the chorus roughly translates to:
I want to fall more in love with You
Teach me to love and to live
According to Your justice and Your truth
With my life I want to worship
With all that I have and all that I am
All that I've been I give to You
May my life be for You
Like a perfume at Your feet.

It's a lot prettier in Spanish, but you get the point. My life is the perfume I daily lay at the feet of Jesus out of love for Him, and it's not a waste. And its moments like this that remind me just how blessed I am to be here:

What perfume are you bringing to His feet?


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