Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gracia (Grace)

Grace. What a powerful word. Do we sometimes forget the power those five little letters have? In my life, absolutely. Luckily, I got a good reminder of the awesomeness of grace this week. 

Rhonda's pastor from the states, Wade Trimmer, was visiting Destino along with a dental team this week. Wednesday night he preached at church. First of all, I have almost forgotten how good it is to hear a sermon and actually be able to understand the whole thing from beginning to end, big points and little points. (People of the states, don't take your church services, pastors, and sermons for granted!) He spoke an awesome message on grace from 2 Samuel 9, where King David shows grace "for Jonathan's sake" to his son Mephibosheth, and how this is an incredible picture of us before God. Looking in 2 Samuel 4:4, we see that Mephibosheth was crippled in both feet because his nurse fell when carrying him, and with us, we are all crippled before God from birth because of the fall of Adam. But just as David sent a servant to seek out Mephibosheth and fetch him, so God has sought us out, and told the Holy Spirit, "Fetch her for me." Not an invitation. A summons to the presence of the King. How awesome that God specifically went looking for me to restore me in His grace and bring me to Himself? Not by anything I've done, but by everything He's done. How does that cease to astound me? May we never lose sight of the awesomeness of grace again.

Pastor Wade told us "grace" in the Greek is "loving kindness," and I have seen this so evident this week. In His loving kindness, God sent a dentist who has spent the past three days pulling and fixing and working on the teeth of our students and others around Destino who needed relief from pain. And in His loving kindness. God took one of our teacher's sister home to Him, where she is no longer in pain, but can rejoice before the Lord. And in His loving kindness, God has made the six of us English teachers into a family here. A family that can circle around our hurting sister and offer her our prayers and our support. And in His loving kindness, God has provided us with a small community of other English speaking missionaries who can meet together to fellowship and worship in English as we did last night. And in His loving kindness, after another awesome English sermon at church this afternoon, He allowed some students from Destino and a few mothers to be baptized in a pool set up in the courtyard of the school.

And in His loving kindness, we were all able to share a meal together afterwards (although who knew rice, beans, repollo, and tortillas went with spaghetti?) And in His loving kindness, we returned home from church to a small fire in the street outside our neighbor's house, so Bethany and I quickly ran to the Mercadito, which just happened to have marshmallows and chocolate, and we made s'mores with the neighbors out in the street, a perfect end to this week. 

I love how God has been showing little acts of kindness all week, and I hope my eyes continue to stay open to this. As Pastor Wade said today, God has blessed me so that I can bless others. Pray that blessings would not only flow into my life, but out of it into other's as well. Love you all!


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