Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aventuras (Adventures)

Crazy week this week, although I'm discovering every week has at least one crazy thing about it! Monday we had the day off of school for Honduras's Independence Day, so we took that opportunity to go on a little adventure! In the morning we watched some of the parade, which was pretty cool with the bands and costumes.

After touring the parade (it was barely moving, so we just walked up and down the street to see everything) our group of Destino teachers met up with some other missionaries to go to the Pulhapanzak Waterfall. It was about an hour and a half drive, and an absolutely beautiful place.

A few of us actually went on a waterfall tour, where a guide takes you down, through the water, and behind the falls into some pretty small and dark spaces. I'll be honest and say I was scared, but I survived, and it was an awesome experience!

After that fun and exhausting day, it was back to school for the rest of the week. Thursday I stepped in to sub in 2nd and 3rd grade English where I am usually the assistant, so that was a long day. So far the teaching has been going well, a lot better than I expected! 

Saturday, a missionary couple in Sigua opened up their cafe/church for an English worship night with other missionaries here. I have two awesomely talented housemates who sang and played some familiar songs. I enjoy church at Destino, when I can keep up, but it was nice for one night just to be able to focus on worshiping God, and actually knowing what I was singing about. Tim, the owner of the cafe, also led a little talk/message on Acts 1:3-9, which I just read Friday night. Funny how God works those things. He talked about how Jesus said we WILL BE His witnesses. It was a statement, not a command. As Christians, baptized in the Holy Spirit, everything we do is a reflection of the Savior, no matter where we are. That's just part of being a Christian, and it was a good reminder.

Sunday before Church I had to redecorate for Prepa, which is moving from the church to the living room of Rhonda's second house for now. Normally they have to put up all the chairs before and after Church on Wednesdays and Sundays, then reset up the little tables and chairs for school. Recently, there have been so many people attending church, there is not enough room for all the Prepa tables, chairs, etc. and all the people, which is a good problem to have! The other English teachers came to help me put most everything back up on the walls in the "New Prepa." I am so thankful for them!

The sermon today came out of Acts as well, so clearly God wants me to be reading that book right now. Can't wait to see what He has to reveal to me through Paul and the early church!

I the words of Lecrae: "Mercy, love and His grace, The reason we movin' here. Speak out Though we've never been qualified to do it. I ain't earned it I was loved into it. I'm brand new."


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