Sunday, August 24, 2014

¡Primera Semana! (First Week!)

So, I have officially made it through my first week here in Honduras! Thank you everyone who has been praying for me here. Monday was the first day of teacher training, so the school bus picked us up at 7:15 AM and spent the morning with Rhonda Jackson going over school information, all in Spanish. Thank goodness Jenna, one of my housemates, could translate for us! 

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings all the teachers had a Spiritual Conference in the mornings with Pastor Pablo and Pastor Efrain, all in Spanish with Jenna translating again. It was a little hard to keep up, but we made it alright. He talked on Wednesday about viewing what we're doing at Destino as a ministry and not a job, which is definitely something I need to hold on to this year. 

Other than that, we've just been decorating an starting to plan lessons at the school. Here's my wall in the first grade classroom.

In the evenings we just hang out at the house or in the courtyard between Jenna, Bethany, and my house and Colton's house, other than Wednesday night church. I have really been enjoying getting to know my housemates and hanging out.

Saturday the four of us went on an adventure to the lake about an hour away from our house. We walked to the bus station and squished on a bus that dropped us off at a delicious fish restaurant by the lake for lunch and hammocking. 

After flagging down a standing-room-only-tiniest-isles-I've-ever-seen bus, we headed back to town. The bus dropped us off just outside of Sigua at the granja, where there was also a mini zoo!

We spent some time with the animals, did a little shopping, then caught another bus to get back near our house.

Sunday I went to the market for the first time for fresh fruits and veggies, and we had church in the afternoon. Right now, church for me is like a Spanish Bible drill. Today the pastor read from 11 different verses, so those I can follow along with in my Spanish/English Bible, and I catch other words here and there and try to piece together the sermon. It's definitely interesting! 

This upcoming week we will visit the houses of the students at Destino to pray with their families. I am excited to meet these families and see more of Honduras. There are still about 30 kids without sponsors, most of them will be in my Prepa (Kindergarten) class. Please pray for these kids, and if you know anyone interested, send them to

As always, I appreciate your prayers for myself as well. Thank you all for your continued support.


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