Sunday, August 17, 2014

¡Estoy Aquí! (I Am Here!)

Well, I finally made it! Saturday after some chocolate chip waffles (my fav!), my parents took me to the airport for my 12:15 flight to San Pedro Sula. I made it through security and onto the plane without issues, and even had a whole row to myself! It still amazes me every time I fly how that huge airplane can get up in the sky, stay there for three hours, then gently touch down! 

Rhonda, the director, the other American teachers, and three of the kids that live at Destino were all waiting for me when I arrived. We loaded up on the school bus and rode the two hours to Siguatepeque. It is the rainy season here right now, but luckily it did not start until we made it to our house. I am living with two of the other American teachers, Jenna and Bethany. We have a living room, kitchen, and our own bedrooms and bathrooms. Colton, the one male English teacher, lives in the house across from us, and Kathy and Sheena live down the road.

Last night Jenna, Colton, Sheena, and I took a taxi since it was pouring and went to dinner at Del Corral, which is a nice supermarket and a restaurant. After una hamburguesa doble con queso y papas frítas (double cheeseburger and french fries) we came back to the house to unpack and get settled. Pretty much everything is unpacked now, and I am settling in to my new home for the next year.

Sunday we were able to sleep in and relax a little around the house. Church at Destino starts at 3 PM, so the school bus came to pick us up at 2:10, then made the rounds to pick up other families. I could pick up some of the words and phrases in the songs (they had the words on the screen thankfully!) but was totally lost in the sermon. Jenna did some translating for me, and I could follow along with the passages in my Spanish/English Bible. 

After church, we loaded back up on the bus, dropped the families back off, and went to Del Corral again to do some grocery shopping. Unfortunately, my ATM card is not working, but hopefully my mom can get it straightened out at the bank at home tomorrow. Jenna, Bethany, Colton and I went to "lady across the street" place for dinner. It's a tiny restaurant right down the road with no name, but delicious food. Jenna and I watched a movie back home after dinner, then early to bed. Teacher training starts tomorrow, and the bus will be here at 7:10 AM!

Friday morning, before I left, my devotion started with John 14:23 about how God lives with us. Then last night I decided to start reading in Matthew chapter 1. In verse 23, it talks about how Jesus will be called Emmanuel, which means God with us (sensing a theme?). I know God is with me here in Honduras, and He will not abandon His daughter. I am looking forward to everything God is going to teach me here, and how I can serve His kingdom. Thank you for all your prayers!



  1. Great post! We look forward to hearing how Father works in and through you this next year. Love and prayers from LaGrange.